Glaucoma Research Foundation

The Glaucoma Institute of Beverly Hills Research Foundation is founded on the belief that patient care and medical procedures should reflect the most current technological advancements. Dr. Michael S. Berlin M.D. has dedicated over 33 years to laser research and is a leading innovator in laser development for Micro-invasive Glaucoma surgery.

What is Open Angle Glaucoma? Open Angle Glaucoma is a condition that leads to the progressive degeneration of the Optic Nerve, which is responsible for relaying visual information from the environment to the brain. The condition is often a result of an unacknowledged increase intraocular pressure caused by the impairment of the eyes inherent drainage system. The symptoms are very subtle and go unnoticed by patients, which is alarming because the accumulated damage is irreversible. When it comes to Glaucoma, prevention is vital in saving vision. Prevention consists of yearly routine eye exams and

Excimer Laser Trabeculostomy (ELT):

What is the significance of laser devises in eye surgery?

Current Glaucoma treatment works by removing r

Excimer Laser Trabeculostomy (ELT):

An Effective MIGS Procedure

for Open-Angle Glaucoma


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